Mystical “Places Of Power” In Russia And Their Wonders Through History

Sacred, mysterious and powerful places that will leave a mark on you…

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Let’s start at the beginning: what are the “places of power”? They are a certain natural landmarks or locations that influence person’s physical and mental state. Some of them are known to bring relief, inspiration, and improve health, others seem to draw all the energy out and evoke melancholy. It is still not known for certain, why this places have such a tremendous effect on a person. Maybe it is their location, maybe they hold magical energies, or maybe they simply are a placebo for the weary. But whatever their secret is, it is hard to deny their influence on people’s state.

Here are 5 of the most enchanting places of power of Russia, that can please your eye and promote your spiritual awareness.

1. Arkaim

It is considered to be the ancestral home of ancient Aryans and is one of the main spiritual places of the country. There is a Mountain of Love around which fly flocks of rooks. People climb it not only to enjoy the majestic view but also to reflect back on their life and find inner harmony. Another mountain, Shamanka, has a spiral laid out in stones around it’s peak. Locals call it The Mountain of Forgiveness. People who believe in it’s mystical powers walk the spiral raising their hands to the sun to ask for forgiveness and receive energy from the sun. There is also a belief that if you make a trip barefoot from the root of the mountain to the top and back, you’ll become healthier and stronger. You should also climb Ognennaya sopka (Fiery bald peak) of Arakim, some say there you can see a white pillar of energy that reaches the sky.

2. Menhirs in Khakassia 

Menhirs, ancient gigantic stones, have been a point of interest for the scientists for a long amount of time. They can be found in several places in the world, Stonehenge in England is one of them. The Republic of Khakassia also has several menhirs that are approximately 4000 years old. It is suggested that they possess healing powers and in olden days they were used in magical rituals. One menhir there has a carved female face and a round belly. Locals call it Ulus-Khurtuyakh-Tas, which translates as “a figure of a big old woman”, and say that it can help women that have difficulties with getting pregnant. Other stones in there also have special powers. It is believed that in order for your wish to come true you need to circle one of them, touch it’s surface, and envision your desires.

3. Belukha Mountain, Altai 

This place is famous among many different groups. Lovers of the mystical see it as a sacred place that charges the planet with cosmic energy, some of them even say that here one can find an entrance to the mythical kingdom Shambala. Others claim that it’s gorge Yarlu is a “parking stop” for the UFO. The mountain is located right between three different oceans and right next to it is a gorgeous lake that unites people’s hearts. It seems that the magic of Belukha helps people find balance and peace within themselves, but at the same time it punishes those who are too arrogant.

4. Olkhon Island in Baikal 

Baikal, and particularly it’s island Olkhon, is considered by local shamans to be a magnet for the energies of the cosmos and of the earth. Even now it is believed to be a home for the spirits of the lake. Not far from Olkhon, at the outflow of the river Angara, stands the Shaman-stone. There lives the lord of the river by the name Ama Sagan Noyon. From this place you can see two stones that rise out of the water and their shape reminds a traditional headpiece of local shamans. Another special place located there is a cape Burkhan. Near it is a cave that has been used in the past as a place for sacrifices and magical rituals. Now there stands a statue of Buddha.

5. Ebbing springs of Kamchatka

The ebbing springs of Kamchatka are not only a jaw-droopingly beautiful place but also a magical one. It’s astonishing colours of the surrounding nature and clouds of steam are a sight to die for. Aside from this, they also have healing and calming properties. The powerful energies of volcanoes underneath them positively affect human conscious. Not all the locations there are harmless though. One of the valleys is called A Valley of Death because of poisonous gases that rise to the surface.

So next time you are planning your vacation, consider some of these places. They will definitely be a great cultural experience and, moreover, will help you recharge after long months of hard work.

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