Mystical Pyramids Erected Across Russia

There are strange reports that come from various different parts of Russia about pyramid structures being erected in great numbers. Local populations are kind of scared of these structures, and as you can see they look menacing and dark themselves. What is the reason to erect these pyramids, none knows, are they a part of some kind of scientific experiment, decoration, or some strange kind of advertising we have no clue, many locals thought they have unknown powers and that they can draw them to Earth, giving supernatural abilities to the people in charge that use them.

Others thing of new world order, z.o.g. and pack them together with chem-trails and similar unexplainable things these days. However you can judge them yourself, would you feel pleasant with one of these close in your proximity?


This is when you enter inside of the pyramid:

3 4

Inner chamber reminds a lot of some strange occult place with symbolically world globe in middle:


…and this is how these alien like objects are being made:

14 15 17 20 25

Thanks to egomaniaque for the story.

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