Natural Illness Treatments From Slavic Ancestors

Here’s how our ancestors were treated by different forms of the disease. Many of the techniques really help in these situations and are still actually wildly used both by rural and urban populations, however many don’t even know the root of these treatments. Our Slavic ancestors used to have this kind of folk treatments that were also many times linked to mythological aspects, legends and so on. Many of these treatments were carried on from generation to generation with oral transmission, and still our grandmothers will give you some natural advice how to treat things on old ways. Some of these are probably very well known to you so you might have used some of them before. Let’s see the list!

Warm hands rubbing against each other and put the middle finger of the right hand of on the forehead, and the other 4 fingers in pairs to put on the wings of the nose for 3-5 minutes. Thus there is pressure on the active points and sinuses are heated.

If the field of heart failure is formed plug the index fingers of both hands in pairs to to rub with your thumbs.
Thumb press the other with both hands, leaving pain in the heart, kidney, etc.

Asthmatic attack
When an asthmatic attack rub your hands until they geat heat and put them onto the patient’s lungs. Low friction palms reaches 50 degrees and heats the lungs.

Toothache in upper jaw – press and release with finger s the middle area between the eye and the ear, toothache mandible – press and release on the lower jaw.
You can also tie the garlic on the wrist where the pulse at a certain time.

When pain in the groin
You need to press the ribs with your fingers.

To disable pain on the nerve endings because of burns you need to put pressure on the earlobe.

When in a disabled state – just to put pressure on the point between the nose and upper lip.

Offset Disc
Often due to improper posture and stress a person flies in front. Pinched nerve begins and load on the heart muscle. A person starts to hurt the heart, but drugs can only aggravate the situation, but rather to straighten the disc and let the heart, energy again goes well and the pressure is stabilized (upper and lower). If a person disruptions of the internal organs, especially the spine should look. If a child is sitting skosobochivshis, then he shifted disk, in which case it must straighten!

Injury lumbar vertebrae leads to disruption of energy flow between the bottom and the top. Stretch the spine (often in the bath) and reduce a vertebrae to recover energy exchang.

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