Naughty Croatian Beach: Microsoft Bing had to Photoshop benis out of their homepage

Some Croatian troll made it big, his benis featured all over Microsoft Bing homepage

Bing! You remember the Microsoft search engine? He is back in focus of media thanks to a large phallus on their homepage! Microsoft Bing loves to feature large images on their homepage and obviously from time to time a large benis as well.

These days, Bing also displayed the mesmerizing beach on Brač Island in Croatia. Seriously, this beach is dreamy and one of those places you’d love to visit and enjoy. I mean just imagine you are lying down on that sandy beach and getting your body all over that dreamy sand…

While rolling over that warm sand you might be rolling over a huge benis that someone drew over the beach. Luckily for Microsoft, their developer Andrew Lyle really has an eye to spot a benis, so he noticed it right away:

Let us check a close up:

Yup, that is definitely a big benis. Was this just a smart marketing by Microsoft to put a benis on their homepage and make a neat story out of it so we would focus on their Bing? Who knows, but as long as their developer Andrew Lyle keeps an eye on benises they will be safe…and the Croat who engraved this large benis over the beach, thumbs up for trolling!

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Photo: Youtube screenshot

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