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Neanderthal Claw Necklace Found in Croatia

Eight, well preserved complete talons of the white-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) from the Krapina region with Neanderthal site in present-day Croatia may be part of a jewelry collection, says a team of scientists led by Dr David Frayer of the University of Kansas. They presented the findings of old Neanderthal necklace found near Krapina. Necklace should completely change the understanding of these ancient people. According to anthropological findings, modern man arrived on the old continent before 40 thousand years. Seems that Krapina Neanderthal site is keeping to amaze the world scientific community with giving new proof of advanced Neanderthal capabilities making all theories about their inferiority to Homo-sapiens more and more obsolete.

“In the study we describe eight, mostly full eagle’s claws from the site of the Krapina Neanderthal man in Croatia, which are 130,000 years old. Four claws have more scoring notches completely straight edges, while eight have various abrasions. The three biggest claws have small notches in the same place. These features suggest that these claws were used as part of jewelry ” ~ writes in the study signed by a professor emeritus at the University of Kansas, David Frayer, and curators of the Croatian Natural History Museum Davorka Radovčić, Ankica Oros Sršen and Jacob Radovčić.

“It really is a stunning revelation. It’s one of those things that appear out of the blue” – said Frayer.

These findings indicate that the Krapina Neanderthal jewelry drafted long before the modern man in Europe. Scientists are sure that the claws occurred at least 80,000 years before the arrival of modern humans.

“Whenever you find something that is an indicator of something cognitively advanced in connection with Neanderthals, a school that always contested and interpreted as the possibility that the same site visited modern humans or Neanderthals to have been copied,” – said the lead author of the study Ph. D.. Radovčić for Reuters.

“This is a necklace around 130,000 years old, which means that Neanderthals themselves came to how they work at a time when modern humans were not yet in Europe. In the world there are a lot of jewelry findings but mostly all serious ones are linked to modern humans in Africa and Israel . They date back to 110,000 years into the past. Here we report the Neanderthals in Europe 130,000 years old, even more “- she pointed out.

Who knows what amazing Neanderthal fact will come out next out of the findings, also you can visit the excavation site and museum in Krapina!

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