Photorealistic Murals by Street Artist Lonac in Zagreb, Croatia

Awesome street art candy for your eyes to feast on


Croatia – Not that long ago famous Croatian street Artist Lonac was a participant in a graffiti festival “Proljetno Prašenje”. It was held in Croatian capital Zagreb which luckily has a lot of old buildings that crave for some art and freshness. For this festivity he created a stunning photo-realistic piece with some famous items that made his (and our) childhood.

He is well known for the impeccable and surreal photo-realistic murals, but this time it was a bit of a different approach. He create a mural titled “Where’s my Batman!?” where he set up his childhood toys with obviously Batman figure missing! The piece took about 2 weeks to finish. h/t: [designyoutrust]

With this one I wanted to try out a few things so in the end I didn’t finished all the stuf that were ment to be more detailed. The sun was on the wall the whole day so it was a fast one. Wish I Had one more day to make it as planed but it is what it is, a good lesson for the future. Mural painted for “Com-Templ.-Arte” in the city of Tomar, Portugal. I really love Portugal, but really hate having the sun on the wall :D. Next time I’m staying one month 😉

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“Skitnica” “Vagabond” Thanks to for the invitation and great organisation. This photo was taken early in the morning , before construction workers came and while there where not so many cars by the wall. Few hours later might be better for the light, but this will do as well 🙂 #lonac #mural

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“Tamburica” , Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia. Thnx to @mkc_skopje for the invitation and @majapl94 for the photo. This one took a bit longer than expected 🙂 Tomorrow I’m finally going to Šutka, place I wanted to visit over 10 years.

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Nice photo by @streetlayers of my latest mural I painted in Ostend, Belgium for @thcrstlshp #lonac #mural #graffiti #train

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Detail of the latest collaboration with @chez_186 and @sarme_one #lonac #mural

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“Flu” 12×17 cm, ink, gouache and pencil on toned paper. For info on all the drawings, dm me. #lonac #drawing #figurative #gerascophobia #gouache

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Thnx to everybody who came to the opening yesterday. It was nice to show something new in my home town finally. I plan to continue with this series and experiment more with gouache and white ink …one day might try to do a small comic . Now back to murals and canvas

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