Night In Rila Mountains Of Bulgaria

Rila mountains lies approximately 100 km from Sofia in southwestern Bulgaria. The highest peak is 2925 m. high Musala, other higher peaks are: Dimitrov (2902 m), MALOVIĆ (2730 m), snout (2715 m) and Belmeken (2627 m). Rila covers an area of 2,629 km², of which an area of 81,000 hectares extends National Park Rila. Rila Mountains is geologically composed of granite and metamorphic rocks Palaeozoic from 250 million years ago. Its alpine relief formed by Pleistocene glaciation, so Rila has more than 150 glacial lakes. It lies at a height of 2100-2500 m., The highest lake lies at 2709 m. below the peak Musala.


The slopes of Rila are the source of the biggest Bulgarian rivers Maritsa, Iskar, Struma, Mesta and Rila river. Rila mountain has rich forest cover, which extends up to an altitude of 2100 m. The valleys are fertile and processed agricultural crops. Mountain habitat has a large wildlife; bear, wild boar, lynx, goats, wolves, deer, falcons and eagles. The mountain is rich in minerals and thermal springs, takes the lead and zinc.


The hottest thermal spring of 102 ° C is used for thermal baths Sapareva Banja near Kyustendil. On the western slopes of the mountain there is the famous Rila Monastery from the 10th century. Rila is a popular tourist destination, as such it has numerous mountain homes and hotels. On the southern slopes of the mountains lie the famous Bulgarian ski resorts Bansko and Razlog.

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