No this is not Resident Evil this is Don-2N

Don-2N (NATO name «Pill Box») is a stationary multifunction radar and it is located near the village of Sofrino, Moscow region. Multifunction radar is a four-sided truncated pyramid height of 33 m and a length of 130 m sides at the base and 90 meters on the roof with fixed active electronically scanned array diameter of 18 m (transmitting and receiving) on ​​each of the four sides of a field of view in the entire upper hemisphere. Functioning radar is provided within the structure of its supercomputer Elbrus-2. Don-2N is unique and has no analogues in the world. The key elements of a missile defense system (NMD) is a system of detection of ballistic missiles (ICBMs) and missiles to destroy them (missiles). Without either of these two parts of the second is absolutely useless.


ICBM flight consists of three main sections:
– Take-off and acceleration – at this stage it operates the main rocket engine and the speed of its movement small
– Flying along a ballistic trajectory – after rocket is launched in space, main engine is turned off and further movement occurs by inertia; here is a division of the head unit to the warhead and guidance to the target
– Entry into the atmosphere and defeat the purpose of


The easiest way to destroy a missile in the first phase. To do this, Rocket Launches pinpoint satellites (or settings from airplanes, etc.) from the infrared emission of hot gases from the nozzle. Next, huge, unprotected, one-piece and slowly flying rocket becomes an easy target for enemy missiles.


In the second stage rocket can be detected by radar. And the earlier they find it – so much the better, because to engage targets it takes 15 minutes for warheads to calculate the trajectory of their movement and continuous tracking. If the calculated purpose is to kill the corresponding missile, constantly induced radar (although they can cope in the event of loss of communication with the ground). However, at the present time for unclassified data Russia does not have missiles to hit targets in space


Run up time is a matter of minutes or even seconds, and warheads are moving so fast that when entering the atmosphere due to heat they look very nice as meteorites. The task is complicated by the fact that Americans are likely opponents and aren’t fools themselves, so one missile can’t destroy 10 nuclear warheads, or 100 balloons with a metallic coating, or a bunch of junk to radar, and even generators jamming should be taken in account. And for all this on only one missile. In such circumstances, the radar must recognize where is a decoy, and which one is a true threat.


Currently, there are chances to cope with a single rocket, but against massive strike there’s little help. Story via mmet

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