No Trespassing: Mystical Slavic Places

These lands are filled with mysterious stories that might intrigue you

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The Balkans area – is a very magical place, and all of its residents have a deep connection with the land they live upon. Some places and objects often have deep mystical meanings due to the rituals that marked them. Of course, most of those rituals gradually “degraded” to the (harmless) traditional beliefs, but some of the mystical places still live in our culture.

Even though some of the beliefs are already forgotten among the people of the Balkans, there are still places you should avoid. Most of them attract demonic creatures, and you don’t want to encounter them alone, right? Well, let’s see what to bypass when you go for a walk alone at night.

Crossroads and Bridges

The most dangerous crossroads are those that connect more than three roads, so try avoiding them at night. Those places have a prophetic function, and they are connected with the dead, just like cemeteries. Crossroads are often graves for bandits and people who committed suicide, but also a place where you can see vampires and other unholy forces.

There are some beliefs that a traveler should never turn behind when crossing a crossroads. Funeral processions shouldn’t also turn behind when passing this place, even though it should stop for a second when reaching crossroad.

Bridges are just about the same, so if you are brave enough, I dare you to spend a night on a lonely, abandoned bridge. Young men used to do that in order to prove themselves as real heroes.


Since not all places in the Balkans had big temples, Slavic people made forts to replace them. They used forts to pay tribute to the gods (offering animal sacrifices), but Slavs also used them to protect themselves from enemies.

Slavs built these forts in groves rich with water. They surround it with a ditch and made it out of wood. Even now you can find these places, abandoned, though, deep in the woods. On some of them people built churches or even temples, but even though forts were made out of wood, that didn’t decrease the respect that Slavic people had for their gods.

The Fairy Round

If you love to take a hike near mountain and forest creeks, pay attention to the fairy rounds that might happen near you. According to some stories, fairy rounds are some kind of a “fairy playground” where they gather and dance all night. If some accidental passer-by sees them, the fairies will drag him into the round and make him dance until he becomes just a poor soul.

Fairies have a lot of places where they gather (although they don’t live there), so be careful. Vicious round is something similar to the fairy round, but it gathers demons that will devour anyone who encounters them.

Trojan’s Town

According to the old beliefs, Trojan is a demonic creature that lives in his castle deep in the woods and during the night he goes to the village where he attacks girls and young women. Trojan can be found in all abandoned villages or castles along with other demonic creatures.

Slavic people from all over the Balkans believe that the remains of the Trojan’s town are placed near their home. So, if you have some old ruins near the place you live, don’t go in there! You may never come out.

Just like all of us, mystical creatures have to live somewhere too. And just like we don’t like strangers in our home, they don’t like it either. But, if you step on their property, one thing is certain – you will not have a good time. Be alarmed and wait for the next part and more places you should bypass.

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