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“Not Terrible, Not Great” – Russia’s Chernobyl Series Trailer Just Got Released

The HBO and Sky-produced miniseries Chernobyl, which debuted in May and explores the infamous 1986 Soviet nuclear catastrophe, has become one of the year’s biggest critical hits, scoring 19 Emmy nominations earlier this month. In June news broke that a Russian studio was working on its own take on the incident—and now with a trailer out, we can see just how differently the whole ordeal will be framed.

The Russian series was partially financed by that nation’s culture ministry, which gave the production 30 million rubles—the equivalent of $460,000, per The Hollywood Reporter. According to THR, the film’s synopsis “states that the series will follow a group of Soviet KGB officers tasked with uncovering a CIA agent stationed at the Chernobyl nuclear plant and involved in espionage.”

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