Nothing to see here, just a Russian Teddy Bear Picnic!

Huge bear is something most would run away from, but not in Russia! Olga Barantseva has made a brilliant family picnic, with a ton heavy bear, a vicious meat eater and predator. These images show us the other Russian perspective on a vicious bears, where they are noting more than a cuddly family pet that even your little children can enjoy playing with. Model with her daughter posing with this giant beast armed with sharp teeth and claws made it look like having a lot of fun with a tiny fuzzy teddy bear.

Many were amazed by this photo shoot so it naturally started to viral-spread of through the Western Newspapers like the Daily Mail and the Sun.


Now to many this photo shoot with vicious bear would look like a plain straight suicide, right?


Olga made sure it was a well trained Russian bear that enjoys being with people and as she states a vegetarian!


You might have seen this bear before also where it took photo shoots with models for anti hunting campaign


He was taking photos with Maria Sidorova and Lidia Fetisova before!


When little child had a wish for teddy bear, she probably didn’t have on mind this.


Would you cuddle with him?

What do you think?

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