Novaya Zemlya the Extreme Russian North of Europe

This is the most extreme place where people still live

Novaya Zemlya / Photo:

Novaia Zemlya (in Slavic Russian meaning New Land) or as Dutch people would say Novaia Zembla is archipelago in the extreme North East of Europe and it belongs to Russia. During the Cold War it was always area closely monitored by all sides as one who controls Novaia Zemlya also controls the ship traffic in the Extreme North, this is also a reason why it is heavily military active area. Also a little fact is that Tsar Bomba, largest Atomic bomb ever, was tested in the area however no matter the explosion people still inhabit this place both civilians and military personnel.

What you will see next is photos of young soldiers who are situated there and the photos they take out of boredom, however it will show you how this extreme north area looks and feels like. Story via codename

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