Novgorod Street Art by Nikita Nomerz

Novgorod has always been a city of art, once engraved by Viking and Slavic runes and carvings and today thanks to Nikita Nomerz by amazing street-art deeds, what is uniqe is the fact these pieces are interacting with the environment and bringing some life in otherwise dull Soviet architecture. He is using architectural parts such as windows and cracks on the object to become startlingly impressive and imagination immersive artworks.

“When you are doing street art, you create a dialogue with passersby, architecture, nature and with other artists.” His graffiti have been featured in major art publications all over the world. More info: Nomerz

Nomerz1 Nomerz2 Nomerz3 Nomerz4 Nomerz5 Nomerz6 Nomerz7 Nomerz8 Nomerz9 Nomerz10 Nomerz11 Nomerz12 Nomerz13 Nomerz14 Nomerz16 Nomerz17 Nomerz19 Nomerz20 Nomerz22 Nomerz24 Nomerz25 Nomerz28 Nomerz29 Nomerz31 Nomerz32 Nomerz37 Nomerz38 Nomerz44

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