Nuclear Powered Lighthouse On Russian Pole

Nuclear powered lighthouse on Russian Pole – So there is a special kind of small atomic reactors that were produced in small numbers to be delivered to the Polar Circle lands and to be installed on the lighthouses. Those small reactors during USSR could work in the independent mode for years and didn’t require any human interference in Polar area, so it was very handy in the situation like this, as it was a kind of robot-lighthouse which counted itself the time of the year.  Photos via (Kamatoz)

The length of the daylight, turned on its lights when it was needed and sent radio signals to near by ships to warn them on their journey so there would be no clashes.


These amazing structures today lie abandoned, the technicians needed to service them were no longer trained and the factories that produced parts were halted when the USSR fell; eventually, the lighthouse mechanisms failed.


Then, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the unattended automatic lighthouses did it job for some time, but after some time they collapsed too and today they are abandoned and radioactive.


Today mostly as a result of the hunt for the metals like copper and other stuff which were performed by the looters can we see these photos.


They didn’t care or maybe even didn’t know the meaning of the “Radioactive Danger” sign and ignored them, breaking in and destroying the equipment.


It sounds creepy but they broke into the reactors too causing all the structures to become radioactively polluted, crazy huh?

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Photos via (Kamatoz)

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