Old Karelian Houses Are Still Inhabited

Russian man adapts to everything. For all the hardships he is stoically ready to experience not even complain. Yes, it is a post about miserable home, and if you were just thinking out loud now a graphic illustration. In one Karelian village Alexander noticed a big old two-storey house. It looked quite decrepit and ruined, but not abandoned. Coming closer, he saw that this house was in fact inhabited. Stepping into a black hole, the doors was scary, but the interest has prevailed his wish to explore this ruined but beautiful house. This is a great apartment building in rural areas, constructed from environmentally friendly materials that were to be found close to it in local area, and as you can see it lasted from the actual twenties of the last century. More info: Alexander

Today it is an old ramshackle hut where life resembles hell on earth.

Alexander likes that in Karelia there is a great number of wooden houses even tho sseveral are fire hazard, but hey they look nicer than those of the late Soviet times.

The carpet at it’s entrance is snow and inside a massive staircase. Alexander said there is still in this house as people live there.

House design wise is simple Slavic/Russian rustic interior and “kitchen” an entire furnace system and a heater.

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