Oldslavic fair in Slovenia

Oldslavic fair in Slovenia  – On saturday happened in Ljubljana very special event – oldaslavic fair. The purpose of the fair was to present to Slovenian public culture of our Slavic ancestors. Specially mythology, history and spiritual tradition. On fair were stands with slavic themes, corner for kids, lectures, etc. It is quite refreshing to see cultural events such as this happen more and more in Slavic countries. We better let you see how it looked since you most likley aren’t anywhere near Slovenia as you read! More in pictures:
The fair. Stands in the atrium

Matjaž Anžur Vratislav, Volk Turjaški with his books about slavic history and mythology. We can also taste his eco beer.

The Slovenian society of native faith.

Institute Haritute Ventures presented their movie “Kresnik” (Kresnik is apelativ of god Perun in west Slovenia and Croatia). Surely we’ll see you at the premiere!

The ancient slavic cyclic year with the gods that rule within a certain season. Graphics with explanations.

Lectures about Slovenian and all Slavic mythology, megalithic temples in our sourroundings, etc.

Concerts with folk and traditional music of Slovenia. Family Batista and trio Gita.

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