Omsk Celebrates City Day, Visitors Could Try Medieval Gallows

Do not try to leave Omsk….

Photo: Alexey Panteleev

Omsk is a specially kind of city, it became famous on internet because of Russian memes regarding it as a city from which one just cannot escape. Now being aware of this meme joke about Omsk, a viral news has spread how Omsk was celebrating its city day, and historical reenactors installed the gallows for the public, you know to try them out (no escape, get it?). Kidding, it was just a historical reenactemnt based in a local medieval fortress, but people on the internet used it in a cheeky way, and gotta admit it is kinda funny regarding the meme about Omsk.

“Generally speaking, the city residents liked everything. Those who were at the celebrations, I think, appreciated, among other things, the installation of the historical reenactors.” – noted the deputy mayor of Omsk.

The city of Omsk has been the subject of many jokes and memes for years on the Russian social media. The catch phrase “Do not try to leave Omsk” is still a relevant meme material on the Russian social media.

Photo: Alexey Panteleev

Deputy mayor of Omsk Elena Shipilova told how a gallows appeared on the embankment in the Omsk fortress. Photo Alexei Panteleeva, on which the girl with pleasure posing with a noose around her neck, flew all the large public.

Photo: Alexey Panteleev

One more thing…Do not try to leave Omsk….

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