One Town In Bosnia & Herzegovina Will Try To Gather 1000 People Named ‘Ivan’ To Break The Guinness Record

“The largest gathering of Ivan’s to promote family and spiritual values”

Many holders of the name Ivan (John) meaning “God is gracious” will answer to unprecedented gathering of Croatian, Bosnia and Herzegovina and neighboring people to collect as much Ivan’s as possible. The name Ivan is one of the most popular names in this region through the decades and one of the first and most prominent bearer of this name was “John the Baptist”, whose day is celebrated on June 24th reports dnevnik

Most information about the John is learned from the Gospel, and his name dubbed because of the meaning “God is gracious”, he lived as a hermit and preached the nearness of the kingdom of God and called on his countrymen to repent of their sins and get baptized. Gospels narrate that Jesus asked Ivan to be baptized.

The largest gathering of Ivans goal is to promote family and spiritual values ​​and mark the family. Day program is made out of meeting in the picturesque town Kupres, including a historic photograph of all the participants, attempt to break the most famous record in the world.

This summer they will assemble 1000 Ivan’s to raise the tourist offer of this peculiar place to a new level, and welcome all people of good will, good intentions and an open heart.

The Guinness record gathering can be participated by any Ivan, who should log into no later than 10 July 2017, and on the website you can find more information about the project and plan and program events.

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