Otherworldly Ice Formations on top of Mountain in Slovenia

You know how Slovenia has a nice set of mountains right? Well during winter after a long period of harsh wind, ice, and snow, a local Slovenian weather photographer Marko Korosec sensed an opportunity to climb Mount Javornik (and that was very dangerous) which is a part of a mountain range in eastern Slovenia. When he arrived at the top what he discovered he could describe only as otherworldly. The frozen Trees and lookout towers were fully shackled in hard layers of rime ice, formed by high winds and freezing air. Korosec says some of the ice spikes growing off the tower reached well over 3-feet (100cm) long, how crazy is that! So what can we say rather than enjoy Slovenia thanks to mr. Marko Korosec! All photos courtesy the photographer. via ( , facebook )

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