Oymyakon is like frozen hell right now, you better get some warm clothes

Could you survive on temperature as far as -70° Celsius?

Oymayakon, a little town in deep cold Russia will not stop surprising us. However even just the fact that temperatures like -45° today leave us speechless there is one other thing that makes us even more amazed. It’s the local citizens of Oymyakon that have been living with these temperatures all their life and at some points survived temperature as far as -70° Celsius. These people live an dangerous life and if they are not well equipped for the day they could end up seriously injured from the frost. Stay with us and take a look at the life of a Oymayakon citizen thanks to photographer Amos Chapple.

Cars, buildings, street signs and literally any object that is out on the cold is getting frozen. Not even the local statues of Soviet time heroes have not been spared of frost and the grip of Oymyakons ice.


If you have a problem with your car battery in your car during winter, think how an average Oymyakon citizen feels like in the morning when he sees his car literally as an ice-cube. You have to avoid being in the open to not damage your respiratory system, because breathing -45° cold Oymyakon air will do damage to your lungs.

Photo: Amos Chapple

Local population is avoiding being out during these temperatures because they are hazardous to life. The ones that left their personal belongings out in the air such as maybe snickers did have a large problem next day.

Photo: Amos Chapple

Surely you will feel a bit better now knowing you are in your warm cozy homes!

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