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Pagan Beliefs in Vottovaara mountain

Vottovaara mountain, and ancient Pagan worshiping site just 20 km from lake Sukkozero of Karelia. It became famous due to odd looking boulders in it’s strewn landscape. In history as glacial ice was retreating some 10k years ago these odd boulders were left behind know as Seida, Seyda or Seid (Finnish language Seita). Due to it’s specific looks old Saami people of this area started to see them as sacred and represented earthly spirits to them as old Saamis believed that spirits lived in these magical stones. Rituals such as sacrificing has been done near these locations. Today still these amazing Vottovaara boulders are a mystery and people wonder how they came to be after reciving publicity back in 1978 after being rediscovered by adventurers and ever since then the are became very popular for explorers and artists. Also many neo-pagan groups from Finland and Russia are coming to the area to preform pagan rituals. Photos via Maria Kuzovova.[divider]

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