Saint Vasijil’s Day – Pagan Celebration From Macedonia Has Some Of The Creepiest Masks You Ever Seen

Annually a little village Vevcani celebrates Saint Vasijil’s Day as a large festival where villagers become strange creatures and things. For 1,400 years this old pagan fest draws people to this village which is more than 100 miles away from Skopje which is Macedonian capital. Surprisingly known village of Vevcani with only it’s 2,500 population is also known for it’s anti-communist riots during communist Macedonia was part of Yugoslavia.

However enjoy these photos as they show how pagan traditions of our ancestors did manage to end up with us to this day, a bit modernised true, but still the spirit lives! So, as the village has an independent character and provocative yearly festival has continued to raise the popularity of the town. In an area where most villages are destitute and poor, Vevcani continues to thrive.

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