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Peak of Czech Republic’s highest mountain located in Poland

Vrchlabí, East Bohemia, Feb. 12 (ČTK) — The highest Czech mountain Sněžka in the Krkonoše (Giant Mountains) is actually 1,603.3 meters above sea level, and not only 1,602 meters as stated in maps. Also, its peak is on Polish territory, Radek Drahný, spokesman for the Krkonoše National Park Administration, has told Czech News Agency (ČTK), citing a geodesist’s report. New measurements reveal Sněžka is really 1,603.3 meters above sea level. via(source)

A technical report worked out by geodesist Vladimír Hlavsa shows that 1,602 meters is the level of the trigonometrical point, a fixed surveying station, on Sněžka, but the real mountain peak is higher, Drahný said.

“The highest peak of Sněžka was put at 1,603.30 meters above sea level by detailed measurements. This point is situated on Polish territory at St. Lawrence Chapel, some 3.5 meters from the state border,” Hlavsa said.

He informed the geodesic office about the finding that should be reflected in its data.

An employee of the geodesic office says the trigonometrical point or triangular station on Sněžka is exactly 1,602.02 meters above sea level, but it need not be the real peak of the mountain. Besides, there are various stone formations on Sněžka that may influence the measurements, he added.

Sněžka dominates the eastern part of the Giant Mountains, situated in northeast Bohemia on the Czech-Polish border, and it offers a lovely panorama from the top.

A new cableway on Sněžka, the construction of which has cost over 300 million Kč, is to be put in full operation soon. So far it runs only to an intermediate station.

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