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People of Ukraine – how Slavs look like

The Ukrainians are Slavic people belonging to an East Slavic branch native to Ukraine, a country that by total population is the sixth largest nation on European continent. Also among historical names of the people of Ukraine one can find Rusyns (Ruthenians), Cossacks, and several others. Today Ukraine has about 37,541,693 (37 million) people and their closest national relatives are Belarusians and Russians, while Rusyns are either considered another closely related group, or an ethnic subgroup of Ukrainians that claim for themselves to be mixture of Kievan Rus and White Croats.

Ukrainians just as other Eastern Slavs have specific looks and one of the marks would be grey eyes, ash-blond hair and medium tall stature which made them popular in the west for various movies and episodes featuring Vikings and similar European historical groups. Today we brought you a few pics of how Ukrainians look like, maybe you will see a resemblance to other Slavs or maybe you won’t, leave us a comment and say what you think!

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