Photographer Captured Croatian Plitvice Lakes As They Turned Into A Frozen Fairytale

Extreme blue color with frozen ice spikes is something you should see in real

Photo: TT Pixels / Facebook

Croatia – Tóth Tamás a Hungarian photographer was on one of those spontaneous photography trips, where you just take your packs and go find something beautiful to create beautiful photographs. This time he headed for Croatia’s largest National Park “Plitvice Lakes”, but he didn’t expect it to be this beautiful. The whole National Park is 295 km2 in size while the whole area of lakes which is 2 km2 were completely frozen like in a fairy-tale.

We practically hiked the entire area struggling with the cold and half a meter of snow. A few of my photos from the tour below.

The lakes’ extreme blue color is the result of this karst occurrence, but when you combine it’s blue color with being frozen it looks pretty unreal. Limestone formation is a continuous process by which various waterfalls are formed. Over time, the water changes its bed, leaving its former direction dry, and in turn raising new formations elsewhere. We could say, Plitvice is never the same as before. More info: Facebook

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