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Photographer Captures Amazing Bus Stops In Russia

One would not expect something like a bus stop that it could be a place of art and even ones photographers focus and life mission. However it is true, the former USSR bus stops that featured much of the progressive soviet architecture are now a set of photos in a flamboyant book produced by Christopher Herwig, a Canadian-born photographer that enjoys long-distance bicycle trips across Russia. These Bus stops have turned into the “beautiful public art,” as Herwig calls them and he said to Russia Today how his art came to be: “I was riding my bike from London to St. Petersburg, and I was playing a game for myself where I had to take a photograph of something every hour. It was a bit of an exercise to myself to open my eyes, photograph ordinary everyday things that you would see alongside the road,”. Who would have tell a person can become a bus stop hunter? Everything is possible when there is a bit of art and culture in our lives! If you wish you can buy Herwigs book on Amazon or visit his website!

Each bus stop is made in different style, mostly in futuristic and geometrical design.

What many of them meant it is not known to us today, however they are still interesting to our eye

They are still used today, hopefully government will restore them

and maybe even continue this interesting colorful trend of artful bus stops

because we all need a bit of art in our lives, don’t we?

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