Photographer Captures The Beauty of Hanging Bridges of Russia

Even today there are suspension bridges where there are no other

This relatively simple design yet enjoyed by our ancestors: the following construction of suspension bridges across the large rivers and valleys present in the cultures from ancient Egypt, Southeast Asia to Central and South America.

For the construction of this crossing it is not necessary to build support in the midst of bridge, sufficiently long cables or ropes will do just fine with some flooring and a bit of patience. No wonder that even today there are suspension bridges where there are no other. h/t:fishky

Chelyabinsk region, village Kazantsev

Novomikhailovsky, Krasnodar Krai.

Suspension bridge in Kosva, Perm.

Silent fog by Alexey Noskov

Kazan. Krutushka. Abandoned Camp.

Kazan. Krutushka. Abandoned Camp.

Between villages of Chernigovka and Bochkarovka.

Mr. Kremyonki, Kaluga region.

Bridge over Usva, Perm.

by Alexey Zolotov

Katun River near the village of Anos

The bridge over the Desna in Khotylevo village Bryansk region.

Paul River, Novgorod region.

Verkhoturye, Sverdlovsk region.

Abandoned bridge near the village of Inzer, Bashkortostan.

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