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Photographer Recorded Post-Soviet Lithuanian Discos for 10 Years, This is How Parties Looked Back Then

10 years of hard post-Soviet parties in the Baltic Soviet Bloc

Photo: Andrew Miksys / Instagram

Native Lithuanian, Andrew Miksys, born in Seattle to Lithuanian parents come to a point in his life when he wanted to connect with his roots. Living in multi-cultural America, one does feel lonely at times and a call to visit his roots kicked in. First time he reconnected with his Lithuanian roots  was on a trip to Lithuania in 1995, he got hooked and made him decide for a new year-long expedition in 1999. He was a photographer and wondering around a remote village in Lithuania Andrew discovered an old night club. Seeing the whole scene, something way different than what he usually seen in American he decided to make these social hubs his prime area of focus for the next ten years. Mixture of Soviet history, Lithuanian grayness, these village discos looked perfect for photography as they were usually actual ex-Soviet offices or prisons. More: Andrew MiksysInstagramFacebook h/t: (konbinidesignyoutrust)

The images have now been compiled into a photo book entitled DISKO. The book hasn’t gone down all that well in Lithuania, however, with some criticizing Andrew for displaying the country, which joined the EU in 2004, in a bad light.

Nonetheless, the photographer denies the silly accusations, describing his photos a “celebration” of history.

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