Pictures that prove Vladimir Putin is immortal

Photo old almost a hundred years was leaked to the public caused a complete euphoria among people with vivid imagination. In a photograph from 1920 of the Russian soldier who reminds of Vladimir Putin. But that’s not all, the collection has a another photo from 1941 of a soldier who also looks like the Russian President. These photos are clear evidence that Putin is much more than the 63-year-old strongman who ride horses without a shirt – said a Putin fan …
– He is a mythical creature that is immortal and can travel through time.
Ancient photos first published by portal, and then the story moved to the social networks.
– He is on our planet for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years – stands in a commentary.


Some believe that Putin is actually Vlad III. Tepes, who was born in 1943 and known as – Dracula.

What do you think?

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    • “Western propaganda Machine” lol, which one, the same that claims western leaders had sex with a dead pig’s head? Or the one’s like Vice that blame the West for every bad thing on the world? Which one’s the “Western propaganda Machine” equivalent of the Kremlin’s and Russia Today?

    • Kristian Szkwarek They’ll get blamed for every bad thing in the modern world because they’ve helped to create it.The West would’ve crumbled under it’s weight if it weren’t for their well refined parasitism.

      I also don’t see why you Poles are defending the Western civilization with such vigor,considering how her members kept abusing you and betraying you whenever they saw fit.

      Stockholm syndrome or it is something else?

    • I think it’s wise to be open about any concept… even about our beloved reptillians… but no.. I don’t think it’s them… however… being dogmatic about anything is dangerous… even science and mainstreme media… so don’t just mock other people ’bout not beleaving everything they see or hear. In the end it all comes down to what one beleaves in, for you can’t be 100% certain even about you’re own existance… so there is no such thing as knowledge… only blind belief which us humans tend to deffend to the point of delusion if our little worlds inside our even smaller brains get “indangered” by einother belief. That’s how radical Islam, discrimination etc are born. Some of us don’t like to go with the flow, so we tend to doubt and question stuff… Put yourself in a position of a classroom, and just think about how complicated stuff can get among students… how they form groups and fight among each other… and also… think about those smart enough to see this fight as something they can make profit from… Either by themselves… or by a secret group, made up of individuals from both (or more) opposed sides… now if that’s possible at such a small level… do you expect some of us to beleave it’s not possible at a much greater level… such as a global society. It’s not a theory… it’s human nature. Reptillians or your grandmothers group of friends… I don’t care who it is… but it most certanley ain’t nobody… at least not in my little brain. 😉

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