Places illustrated on Russian Rubles

We all take our national banknotes and money in general very plainly. Often we forget that images on these banknotes represent what means to us the most and today we will show you a worthwhile trip of a Russian blogger Tema Lebedev that visited some of the places that are represented on Russian banknotes called Rubles. You have to agree considering the size of Russia this blogger had to make a rather extensive journey to bring you some of these photos, but we know it was worth it because you will learn better this way!

5 Rubles. Veliky Novgorod.


10 Rubles Krasnoyarsk


50 Rubles. Saint Petersburg


100 Rubles. Moscow.


500 Rubles Arhangelsk.


1000 Rubles. Yaroslavl.


5000 Rubles. Habarovsk.

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