Plum Fest In Osečina

Osečina is a town that lays in north-western Serbia, in a region called Podgorina, Kolubara district. It’s located southern of the city Šabac (60km), eastern of Loznica (35km) and western from Valjevo (30).

The whole region is very rich in natural resources, it has one of the clearest and healthiest water in Serbia, and that’s why the natural products are of the best possible quality with remarkable aroma.

The municipality Osečina itself has more than 1 million plum trees of diverse species. Plum is a source of many different kinds of specialties that are unique for this region, different kinds of jams, jelly, dried plums, all kinds of sweets, and one of the best and most potent rakijas known on the Balkans, traditional “Šljivovica” and “Prepečenica”.

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