Poland Is Building Its Own ‘Croatia’ In Kraków As Oasis For Relaxation And Cultural Appreciation

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Visualization land development around the reservoir Bagry (Matt. Releases)

Hey, ever wanted to go to Croatia during the weekend but don’t feel like traveling for hours? Obviously many Poles have such problem, this is why they are building their own ‘Croatia’ inside Poland (did you know: ancient ‘White Croatia’ was located in Poland too). Many say history repeats itself, it seems to be true as in ancient times White Croatian tribes were settled by Vistula river in present day Kraków, which is the second largest city in Poland today.

The workshop was designed to select the best land development project, according to which park in Kraków will be built to remind Polish people of fun summer times in Croatia. It will also have a purpose to boost Croatian-Polish relations and promote Croatia in Kraków and southern Poland in general reports Croatia Week and wyborcza.

This project was made with 10 students and tutors from Poland and Croatia, most notably Prof. Dr. Iva Rechner Dik from the Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Zagreb) and Professor Ante Kuzmanić and his assistant Mirjana Radoš from the University of Split were in Kraków from 27-28 March 2017

The Board Green City in April plans to choose a contractor for construction of the project executive for the eastern part of the Park

Team from Croatia mentioned above together with a 10-person group of Kraków students from ‘Kraków University of Technology’ have jointly participated in a series of architecture workshops organized by the city of Kraków and the honorary consul of the Republic of Croatia in Kraków.

Visualization land development around the reservoir Bagry (Matt. Releases)

Area of ‘Little Croatia’ will be in the city park called “Bagry Wielkie”. The eastern part of this park lies on a lagoon with a beach, a swimming area, sailing and a variety of recreational activities (just like most Croatian seaside).

The path passes through the cascading stairs, used for rest and sunbathing.

If by any chance you get somewhere close to Kraków do know that this locations is only 5 kilometers from the historic center of Krakow. Its one of the city parks that people of Kraków enjoy during spring and summer time for sport activities and just plain relaxing in nature.

The eastern part of this park will be called “Park Little Croatia”. The initiator of the building of the „Park Little Croatia” is Paweł Włodarczyk – Honorary Consul of the Republic of Croatia in Krakow.

Previously mentioned student teams worked in four groups and prepared 5 designs, the one that you can see in pictures is the winning project for ‘Little Croatia’ park.

The winning project included the proposal of the honorary consul to build an educational path – a walkway in the form of a course close in shape to the Croatian border.

Visualization land development around the reservoir Bagry (Matt. Releases)There will be signatures around the park indicating to visitors in which Croatian place they are located at the moment. As a result, they will be able to choose whether they want to visit Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Vukovar, Pula and others.

The beach area will be games for adults, to present the idea of ​​fun and the spirit of the Mediterranean.

Designers have planned a pier for fishing, bridge for bird watching, meadows, flowery, playgrounds with hills, a place for outdoor exhibition, rope park for children, beach, seats, sports fields and both Polish and Croatian place dedicated to gastronomy with changing rooms and toilets .

The north-eastern part of the park with glades and meadows will present the continental part of Croatia – Slavonia.

The central part of the park, the most densely forested, will show mountainous part of Croatia with the pastoral houses in the form of the tree houses.

The southernmost part of the park will take beach and promenade – referring to the Croatian coast and the Dalmatian cities of Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik.

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