Polish Archaeologists Discover a 14th-Century Sword Dropped In a Peat Bog

Photo: Muzeum im. ks. Stanisława Staszica w Hrubieszowie

Not that far from border with Ukraine, a medieval knight’s sword has been uncovered from a peat bog. The knight’s weapon dates back all the way to the 14th century, but besides the metal part of the sword all organic materials haven’t survived that long. There is a cross inscription engraved on the sword, probably a trademark of the manufacturer reports Business Times.

After being cleaned, the sword was transferred to the local museum, Stanisław Staszic Museum in Hrubieszów. Local archaeologists and historians think that knight maybe have dropped the sword in the bog on purpose, but they aren’t still certain of the story this item carries with itself.

They’re planning on conducting a more extensive excavation to see if there’s anything else to discover in the spot.

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