Polish artist creates amazing images

Michal Karcz “Karezoid” is a photohrapher from Poland. He was born in the Polish capital city Warsaw back in 1977 and always had a passion for photography from an early age. The beautiful Polish landscape always amazed him and fueled his passion to photograph it, crop, edit and enjoy the best photos. However besides photographing as a well rounded artist he enjoy painting as well. What naturally happened with this artists is he started to merge his photos and paintings into one special kind of art. Due to this technice this Polish artist produced amazing surreal images mixing reality and imagination that will surely make you enjoy viewing them! via(500px |  Behance | Facebook |)

1893051__880 canyomku__880 cities__880 eggczmberclear2kkkk__880 heszusz__880 MG_4370nistr__880 mur2rszs__880 PARALLEL-WORLDS-by-Micha-Karcz2__880 PARALLEL-WORLDS-by-Micha-Karcz3__880 PARALLEL-WORLDS-by-Micha-Karcz9__880 PATH-OF-LEAST-RESISTANCE__880 proma2xsorsd__880 spiricziifinal__880 SPIRITUAL-ARCHIVES__880 THE-LAST-KNOWN-PHOTOGRAPH-OF-GOD-2__880 TO-THE-THRESHOLD-OF-SILENCE-v2__880 TRANQUILITY-BASE__880 TWAPtemp6__880 watrfals__880 XOPANCUICATL__880

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