Polish Artist Creates Amazing Slavic Woodart

Poland – Jacek Wydrzyński has graduated on the Folk University of Lesser Poland in Wzdów where he was schooled during his education in the field of arts, wood art and professional dying. Out of all art courses he liked the sculpturing and basketry the most, so wood art sculptures are his hobby, work, life and obsession. Jacek loves folk culture and traditional Polish but even Slavic in general art so no wonder what we will show you next are some wonderful Slavic symbols of pagan Slavs to amazing totems of Slavic Gods. What fascinates him and what he enjoys the most is searching the perfect shaped wood parts in the forest that eventually get in is collection of amazing art.

From today he can definitely be seen as a master in Polish Arts of wood carving and furniture. We are happy to present you Jacek, more info: Facebook | Website 

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What do you think?

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