Polish Astrophotographer Captures High-Res Moon

Some people love photography, and some other people love it so much they invest insane amounts of money and time to photograph celestial objects. On example, Bartosz Wojczyński, polish amateur photographer combined over 32,000 images to create amazing hyper resolution picture of our dear moon. If you wonder how heavy was the file, well, it was over 75 gigabytes and it took him hours just to combine them. He spent over 3500$ on his equipment, just so you mortals could enjoy his godly work and skill. Now who says Slavs don’t do awesome things? Now you can compare Draper’s photo with Wojczyński’s photo to see how far we’ve come in our technology and space observation. Wojczyński in his photo shoot used an very advanced image acquisition and processing techniques to color the photo in order for it to look this way. More info: Bartosz Wojczyński (h/t: petapixel)

high-rez-moon-photo-astrophotographybartosz-wojczyński-1 high-rez-moon-photo-astrophotographybartosz-wojczyński-2 high-rez-moon-photo-astrophotographybartosz-wojczyński-3 high-rez-moon-photo-astrophotographybartosz-wojczyński-4 high-rez-moon-photo-astrophotographybartosz-wojczyński-5 high-rez-moon-photo-astrophotographybartosz-wojczyński-6

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