Polish Craftsman Turns Easter Eggs Into Art

Mariusz Dubiel, a polish craftsman that never attended any art school, but he manages to successfully copy religious Renaissance paintings onto the most extraordinary canvas – an Easter egg shell. Old Slavic and Polish folk tradition of decorating Easter eggs has been risen to a completely new level by creating intricate artworks on their surfaces. Mariusz said to kurierlubelski“My Easter eggs are supposed to reflect emotions, and raise the feeling that we are not alone in the universe. They are supposed to make us feel that by looking at them, we can open ourselves to the essence of God.” Dubiel has more ideas for his Easter eggs, one of them being to recreate images of the Madonna from different continents using local motifs for decoration, such as Japanese cherry orchards or the Mayan pyramids.


Easter egg artist, Mariusz Dubiel: It’s not only about their aesthetics, colouring, the fact that they are pretty. That’s not at the centre, it’s not the most important thing. Most important are emotions. They are supposed to arouse sadness, joy, hope, and this is the most important, this is my message, that nowadays faith in God may be shown in this particular way, not only on a painting but also in the structure of an egg.”


Easter eggs symbolise spring and the awakening of new life. But most of all they symbolise rebirth on Easter Sunday, the day that according to Christian tradition, marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Mariusz Dubiel with Słodków Kraśnika wheel is 31 years old and unusual passion. A few years ago he began to draw, and four years ago took a scraping eggs. He has already its first successes. Mariusz won the last contest for the most beautiful Easter egg Easter zorganiozwany during the fair. And recently had his first exhibition connected with the sale of eggs. Before Easter eggs scraped spread like the proverbial hotcakes. The creator was delighted.


Where did the idea for scraping the egg?

– My mother talked me into it once. In the beginning nothing was going right as i have no artistic education or the arts, I am self-taught. I’ve always liked to draw and paint, it was a little way to vent because our family has always had a serious problem with money. By profession I am a cook but i do not work, so I have plenty of time for scraping eggs.


What then is the best recipe for eggs?

– Of course, eggs and bacon!


How is the egg?

– First you have to get the egg. You can buy them or get chicken or goose. I prefer the second way. Then the egg is cooked for several hours in broth with onions. After the boils out completely and cools down you can begin scraping. Small hen egg with a simple formula starches as about four hours, and goose up to nine hours. At the end of the process egg is painted.


Where do you get ideas for designs?

– Religious and animal themes prevail in my work. I really like to scrape horses on egg shells. However, the predominant topics related to Christmas, Easter and Christian themes are now and as my family is very religious so I carried the motives of the house. I admit that i am also often inspired by looking on the internet.

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