Polish Early Slavic Museum in Carpathian Troy

Archaeological Open Air Museum in Trzcinica Carpathian Troy is a unique place on the map, not only for Poland, but also for Europe. The first traces of settlement in this site come from 2100, entitled Ch, a former Slavs took place in the 8th century AD here and created one of the largest towns on the whole Slavic area in those ages. Nowadays, there is an amazing open-air museum, which allows to look at the history of this place and its people in a modern and attractive way.

History of the place says the director of the Carpathian Troy, John Gancarski. Now you will see what exactly is the Carpathian Troy and where is it!


Carpathian Troy is an archaeological museum, which includes the Royal shafts settlement areas where they discovered the oldest settlements in the Polish defense at the beginning of the Bronze Age.


There is also one of the oldest, and perhaps even the oldest Slavic settlement of the eighth century.


Skansen is situated on Ropa River, about five kilometers from the center of Jaslo, the Carpathian mountains.


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