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Polish government is telling the citizens to “Breed like rabbits”

Saving the country in a natural way?

The Polish Ministry of Health has released a short video where they simply invite Polish citizens to follow an example of rabbits, to get as much offspring as possible or in other words to “reproduce like rabbits”. The Ministry of Health in the Conservative Polish Government of this largely Catholic country has decided to create these kind of ads to fight the population decrease. In a footage posted on Youtube, rabbits enjoy a nice green salad and sliced ​​carrots while a narrator reveals the secret of multi-rabbits’ family: exercise, healthy nutrition and less stress.

“If you ever want to become parents, follow the example of rabbits .”

Parish men and women who enjoy a romantic picnic are also shown , with the advice that even a small amount of romance may contribute to encouraging natural growth among people. According to EU data in Poland, during 2015, 1.32 children per woman were born. Only in Portugal is the situation worse when it comes to birth.

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