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Polish man jumped into a cage at Warsaw Zoo to fight a bear

Vodka will make you do all kind of wild things, includes bear wrestling

WARSAW, POLAND — Last week a Polish man decided to enter the bear cage and get personal with it at the Warsaw Zoo. It is not sure what exactly why he entered it but he managed to wound that bear by punching it in it’s head… amazing part is he survived.

Thanks to the audience that watched the whole incident there is plenty of photos around the net that show a barefooted Pole standing off eye to eye with a bear. It seems that bear did attack the man, by biting his arm and in next turn he fought back.

Huffington Post reported that Police later tracked this man down to a hospital where he was being treated for a biting wound on his arm. Police said that he might face a $275 fine for provoking animal aggression after inspection.


At first the man entered bears enclosure, no one is sure why. Vodka maybe?


Warsaw Zoo said it’s a female bear, named Sabina. She decided to take a bite at his arm.


Then the Polish man decided to just bonk it’s head and it seems he won.

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