Polish People Love Borders So Much That Everyone Has To Own One On Władysławowo Beach

A beach where you don’t see anyone or anything

Photo: by Kacper Kowalski, Panos Pictures

Poland – When the summer comes many people just can’t wait to get off all their clothing and soak in the sun. This is why people go to the beach, sunbathe, swim and collectively enjoy summer on crowded beaches. One part of the enjoyment is to show off your body on which you worked so hard, unless, you’re at the Władysławowo Beach in Poland. This is probably the most fenced beach ever, there faces are even more important than a towel.

How did this introvert (a man whose psychological makeup is characterized by concentration on his inner world, closed, contemplation, he who is not inclined to communicate with difficulty establishing contacts with the outside world) behavior develop here we have no idea.

The phenomenon is so widespread there that it attracts various photographers that took some amazing aerial photos to share it with the world.

Photo: Arkadiusz Klimowicz via Facebook
Photo: Arkadiusz Klimowicz via Facebook


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