Polish Truck Driver Ignores Wind Warning in Croatia, Drives On Two Wheels Rest Of The Trip

The Legendary Polish Man Strikes Yet Again

The last two days in the area around the city of Rijeka in Croatia a strong winds have been making serious trouble. For example, at the Rijeka airport few days ago wind “Bura” reached 133 km/h, so as you can understand it is a very serious situation in traffic. The wind blowing gets worse in the sub-mountainous channel where at places it blows over 160 km/h, and the strongest strikes were measured at the Krska bridge, up to crazy 169 km/h.

Danijel Drače, a local man publishes a video from Rijeka’s bypass, it was all but a easy trip for him after he saw the Polish truck driver almost flying all over the road. Although the ban on trucks was prohibited on this road, this Polish driver decided to break the ban (or just didn’t notice it) and got himself in trouble reports Dalmacijadanas.

You can see the result of everything in the video:

Lesson of the day would be, don’t ignore traffic warnings. If the warning is about about wind and if you’re driving across Croatia just don’t do it. Driving tall trucks during “Bura” winds is very dangerous because you’re truck will became a massive sail and “float” away through the air.

This Polish guy wasn’t the only one who ignored the warring, there were people doing even more dangerous thing like ignoring it while riding a motorcycle:

So believe us, drive safe and if you see there is a “Bura” coming, just stop and take another route.

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