Polish Vang stave church

This amazing piece of architecture is a Vang stave church (Polish: Świątynia Wang), which is a stave church which was bought by the famous Prussian King and transferred from Vang located in Norway and re-erected in 1842 in Brückenberg near Krummhübel in Germany, now Karpacz in the Karkonosze mountains of our beloved Poland. The church is a four-post single-nave stave church originally built around 1200 in the parish of Vang in the Valdres region of Norway. In 1832, the local council decided to pull down the stave church because it was too small and had to be replaced with a newer one. The plans for its demolition and replacement were known already in 1826, when our hero and painter Johan Christian Dahl made the first attempt to save it. There was also an attempt to have it re-erected at Heensåsen in the same parish as an annex church.

Knut Nordsveen, a local farmer, offered to donate the building site to the community, but his offer was rejected. Disappointed by the rebuff, he later sold his farm and emigrated to America. In 1932, a monument was erected in memory of him. h/t: (Przemek Białek and source )


The re-erected version looks as a combination of Scandinavian, Slavic and Gothic arhitecture.


The local gothic graveyards from the time of Prussia.


Local gothic skeleton-head souvenirs you can buy there.


Place where the Vang Church was located originally.


Amazing winter view on the church in the Polish mountains.

10574244_687471241327450_1790403545201929663_n świątynia-wang-w-Karpaczu  świątynia-wang-w-Karpaczu-16 świątynia-wang-w-Karpaczu-ozdoba świątynia-wang-w-Karpaczu-rzeźba Vang_Stave_Church

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