Popular festivals in Macedonia that should be on your bucket list

They have it all from music to food, wine and movies

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Macedonia – the astonishing blend of music, culture, tradition and history and as a proud representative of the Balkan Peninsula has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to cultural events. Starting from the capital of Macedonia, Skopje, all the way to Bitola and Shtip, it offers different kinds of events to satisfy all tastes. Whether you like film, food or music there is a place for everyone in Macedonia.

Here are some of the few popular festivals and cultural events in Macedonia.

Skopje Jazz Festival

Since 1982 the Skopje Jazz festival has been held in the capital of Macedonia. The festival attracts many fans and a big crowd, even more and more as years go by. At first, this genre was not very familiar to the locals in general, but still it attracted a huge audience with a great reputation and prestige not only in the Republic of Macedonia but also in the Balkans, and Europe. Great artists have been on the stage from the jazz world, such as: Al di Meola, Ray Charles, Gotan Project, Youssou N’Dour and many more. It is traditionally held at the end of October. Being a part of the European forum of World music festivals in Macedonia and the European Jazz Network, this festival has become one of the greatest landmarks in Skopje. So, if you ever find yourselves in Skopje around the period of late autumn, this is the place to be.


The Macedonian festival with a great dedication to the famous Macedonian meat pie held each year in the city of Shtip is Pastrmajlijada. Pastrmajlija is one of the best known dishes in Macedonia, so you are welcome to attend this festival if you want to enjoy Pastrmajlija, taste one of the greatest wine selections and enjoy the local music performances by pop and fol artists. The “Shtipska Pastrmajlija” is already a branded name and product, with a protected name and quality. While you are in Shtip, you can also pay a visit to the “Days of craftsman” and the “Festival of the honey” since they are being held on the same day as the Pastrmajlijada.


Another popular event held in October is the Skopje wine festival, called Vinoskop. The purpose of this event is to present the wine tradition and production and the cultural inheritance throughout the years. You will definitely enjoy this festival through wine tasting and the music of the local music artists, filled with entertainment and a lot of refreshments. This festival is usually held in the Center of Skopje, though locations may vary each year, and you can spend 4 wonderful days at Vinoskop.

Manaki Brothers

This is a world-wide known international film festival, a famous event that each year takes place in Bitola. The Manaki Brothers festival is organized by the Macedonian Film Professional Association. It was founded in the year 1950 and it presents the film art of the film authors and professionals. The audience may be certain that the films shown on the festival are well chosen, also the organizers are making sure that the best and most original movies are being selected. Do not let it surprise you in case you see some Academy Award Winner or nominee on the Manaki Red Carpet. As the festival is being held in the beautiful city of Bitola, the visitors can enjoy the amazing unique architecture and the local landmarks.


Presenting you a perfect blend of musicians, bands and artists in general from different musical genres, the Taksirat festival is and universal and international music event offering you the best of the best music diversity. This music event is similar to the Glastonbury in the park, hosting some of the greatest performers such as Marky Ramone, Iggy Pop and the Kaiser Chiefs. This music festival is taking place in the vibrant capital of Macedonia, the city of Skopje and there is a great access when it comes to accommodation in hotels or hostels and great city connections. There are a lot of stalls filled with local food and drinks, as well as a numerous theatre performances, discussion groups, workshops and films, offering you the time of your life while on Taksirat. The festival is usually held each year at the end of November and is one of the best known Macedonian festivals in Europe.

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