Popular Serbian Desserts You Should Try

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The most popular Serbian desserts are easy and simple to prepare. Fruits, homemade jam, walnuts, eggs, and sometimes chocolate. Enough reasons to keep reading.

1.Vanilice (Serbian Vanilla Cookies)

Soft jam filling, nutty sweetness, bite-size… Yeah, all of these, and much more, are Serbian Vanilla Cookies. Seriously addicting, those cookies are mostly served around the Christmas days, and if you wonder what Vanilice means, it is “little vanillas”, actually. Among Serbs, Vanilice is a type of “Sitni  Kolaci (Tiny Cookies) and consist of two nutty, vanilla and walnut cookies together with a dollop of apricot/rose hip jam. Yummy!

2. Starinski žuti kolač s višnjama (Old-fashioned yellow cake with cherries)

Serbian housewives adore this dessert because it is finished in half an hour, and there is no person who does not like them. When we say “old-fashioned”, we mean that everything is measured by spoons or cups (not grams), and just keep it simple – always use the same spoon or the same cup for every ingredient. This cake belongs to elementary Serbian cooking because everyone can quickly learn how to prepare it. It is not an expensive cake – almost every house in Serbia has its ingredients: eggs, cherries, flour,  sugar and pork lard.

3. Orasnice (Domestic old fashion chewy walnut biscuits)

Orasnice is one of those old desserts that consist of just a couple of ingredients that create an unforgettable experience. Crispy outside, soft and full of rich flavors of walnuts inside, Orasnice are biscuits for true lovers of sweets with walnuts. Ask any Serb about Orasnice, they will tell you that their taste throws them back to childhood! Interesting fact about this dessert: Almost half a kilo of walnuts is needed to make just 12 pieces of Orasnice. But worth it, believe me!

4. Šnenokle (Eggs in Snow)

Although this dessert has roots in France, Serbs actually don’t give a damn who created it – as long as their mothers prepare Šnenokle as they know, with a smell of happiness and joy. This is a dessert that you probably won’t find in restaurants in Serbia, but if you visit someone’s home, there are a lot of chances to try this great treat. As the name says, it is mostly made of eggs and sugar, with a little bit of flour and vanilla sugar. Simple and beautiful, worth trying.

5. Čupavci (Scruffies)

What brownies are in the West, Čupavci is in the East. Or Balkan, or Serbia. It is a dessert with chocolate and coconut, in a shape of a square, and it is delicious as hell! Can you imagine cake as soft as a sponge, square-shaped, dipped in chocolate, and then wrapped in coconut? That’s what they are. Some kind of food porn, folks! Preparation – you will need about an hour to prepare it, but less than 15 minutes to eat all of it…

6. Oblande (Caramel Waffles)

There are various types of this recipe, especially when it comes to filling, but Serbs know that the best one is Oblande with caramel filling. There are a lot of stories about this delicious dessert – some people claim that they eat it all in one hour, other that there is no Slava (Saint Day) without them on a sweet plate… However, everyone likes Oblande, especially when grandma makes them. The ingredients are waffles, milk, sugar, butter, and walnuts, and it is a very, very sweet treat. For the sweet-toothed folks, for sure.

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