Porzhensky Church Built on Slavic Pagan Temple

Many of most juice and interesting tourist destinations are usually unknown or inaccessible to the public. One such interesting location is Porzhensky graveyard – so this wooden castle located on the site of an ancient pagan (Slavic) temple. This wooden skit was built before Peter the Great and is still well-preserved until today, it was built, perhaps as a center of the universe. It is located in the Kargopol District of the Arkhangelsk region. Forest securely guarded this castle from from prying eyes so the old wooden skit has well-preserved painting of the XVIII century. Trails leading to it from the surrounding villages are not well known to anyone but to the only narrow circle of locals that know it’s location. On rough road enthusiasts mysteriously come to an empty church, surrounded by a wall of sullen gray chopped logs, and a look out tower.


Around Karelian lake and huge boulders sticking out of the ground. Like most ancient Christian churches, the monastery was built in the last decades of the XVIII century, it took the most likely a place of ancient Slavic pagan temples. The main chapel of the monastery together with the three surrounding churches and was built at the same time as they stand in line, and this line is geometrically perfect. It is not known who and when this line was stretched, and what purposes and to whom it serves.


On the Internet, without any hint of irony it said that one of the towers Porzhenskogo churchyard holds the keyhole of the world – a place where all points converge in universe. This place is described in the story of Jorge Borges ‘Aleph’, and that is how it is called. To get to this place can be you will have to sit on the first train from Moscow to Arkhangelsk, then reaching to the village through Kargopol. The desire to go to this fabulous (as described by many) place appeared a long time.


The search of the ancient temples in the Arkhangelsk region. led to Porzhensky churchyard. As the story goes, at this place since ancient times was the temple of the Slavs in the 17th century and in its place it was built according to one church of St. George, on the other – of Elijah the Prophet. It should be noted that the goodwill and friendliness of “locals” was a little surprised. Tourists are provided with parking, fireplace, seating under a canopy, a toilet, a garbage pit in one word – equipped place for camping. Thanks to one blogger ter2 you have a chance to see how his journey was and what else than enjoy!

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