Prague, Walking Through the Czech Capital

Today we have a blogger story about walking through the Czech capital. These photos were taken the day after last New Year celebration, the day before the holiday was long, starting a walk on the bright time of the day after the New Year’s night in Prague. Of course the first day our bloggers wanted to sleep late and not go anywhere, so they took a walk through evening Prague and they encountered many surprises along the way. Then their start of trips to the Czech towns and castles begun with the first was the Tabor. Second,  behind him – Karlovy Vary from where one famous alcoholic beverage comes called “Becherovka”. Then a spontaneous trip to Melnik , where they finally saw the sun! But the sun – for pampered southerners, so the next day they went to the mountains in this blizzard called Krakonoš and Pec pod Sněžkou. Their week in the Czech Republic came to an end, so that the last day they again came in Prague and the way back was too difficult. Story via Jenich[divider]

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