Polish ‘Pro’ Babushka: She Covered a 100 year old House In Crochet Art

When you just have to release that inner babushka out of yourself

Poland, Finland – Lets play a game, Imagine you let your Babushka decorate your house! Okey, now hold your thought, and compare it to an art of a Polish street artists Agata Oleksiak. She’s professionally known as Crocheted Olek and she does Crocheted art decoration like a 100% authentic Babushka. She proves you can merge ‘old’ tradition into new fashionable art and decor. This time she visited a 100-year-old house in Kerava (Finland) and decided to make it a bright pretty message.

She made a Crocheted pink house out of it, so she turned this old house that was bombed during the winter war in 40’s into a interesting and mesmerizing Babushka art piece. More info: | Instagram [h/t:boredpanda]

Pro Babushka, Agata Oleksiak and her art:

What do you think?

What do you think?

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