Putin and Medvedev Bodybuilding Tea Party

These days internet on the Eastern side of our Europe is again blooming with numerous funny memes that are being produced on Russian social network VKontakte. Why you ask? Because on August 30st, President of Russia Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev had a photo shoot where they enjoyed their day at Putins Sochi residence, also in media known as “Bocharov Creek”. Two Russian leaders had a early morning workout and after that a tasty breakfast followed, in other terms one very nice morning for two leaders. However what happened next none would have expected, their photo sessions went viral over the world, so let’s see how it all happened:

They started their training sessions early in morning


It seemed they were doing the whole-body workout because we see they train both their chest and back.


Some cable chest workout by Putin in their wonderful gym.


and a set of heavy back workout by Medvedev.


after a hard training what else than a nice juicy breakfast and a cup of tea.


But then it happened

Vkontakte wen’t crazy and memes kept coming one by one:

putin_medvedev_tea_party3putin_medvedev_tea_party2 putin_medvedev_tea_party6putin_medvedev_tea_party4 putin_medvedev_tea_party7 putin_medvedev_tea_party9 tea_party1putin_medvedev_tea_party

Which one is your favorite? Ours editors choice is Mad Max version!

What do you think?

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