Putinspiration: When Putin Invades Instagram

In our modern days when internet connects each of us and gives us all the chance to be the stars of the web, is it really strange that a person in charge of a super power becomes a star? Of course not, however it moved a step further and Vladimir Putin became a star of motivational images that encourage people in their actions and build their character. Ladies and gentleman, Vladimir Putin brings you strong messages over the Instagram channel Putinspiration, and even tho the account has only dozen images it already is followed by dozen thousand trusty followers. Ready for some character building? Let’s go:

putinspiration1 putinspiration2 putinspiration3 putinspiration4 putinspiration5 putinspiration6 putinspiration7 putinspiration8 putinspiration9 putinspiration11 putinspiration12 putinspiration13 putinspiration14 putinspiration15

So tell us which message did you like the most? Feel free to share with your friends and inspire them!

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